23-29 September 2019

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Recommended resources for people considering a childless future

Provided by Megan Downer, Counsellor and presenter of 'Calling it Quits: considering a future without children' Webinar


Living the life unexpected – 12 weeks to your Plan B for a meaningful & fulfilling future without children By Jody Day


Coping with Infertility, Miscarriage & neonatal loss; finding perspective & celebrating meaning By Amy Wenzel


Motherhood Missed – Stories from women who are childless by circumstance By Lois Tonkin


The Pursuit of Motherhood by Jessica Hepburn

21 Miles – Swimming & searching for meaning of motherhood by Jessica Hepburn

Beyond Childlessness by Rachel Black and Louise Scull

Be Fertile with your Infertility - Creative ways to acknowledge the infertility journey using ceremony and ritual by Christine Bannan & Winnie Duggan

Online Resources

Childless by Circumstance (Fertility NZ) closed group on Facebook

www.gatewaywomen.com (global friendship & support network for childless women, there is also a gateway woman NZ that offer coffee groups throughout NZ)


Other Resources

Keeley Jenkins - Celebrant who will do ceremony for fertility losses  www.kjcelebrant.co.nz