24-30 September 2018

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Verity's story

My mother and sister both got pregnant within a month of trying so I thought I would be the same. I got married and started trying for a baby, my husband had 4 older children so I thought it would be a breeze. After a year and a half I finally got pregnant but lost that baby a couple of weeks later, we kept trying and eventually I conceived again only to start bleeding the day after I found out, we lost that pregnancy too. 

We went to fertility associates and I was diagnosed and had surgery for endometriosis but were still unable to conceive, we went on the waiting list for IVF, we completed the first round with three viable embryos, the first was implanted and I got pregnant but miscarried once again, I was tested for everything but it all came back normal.  My doctor decided to try the Colorado protocol which he called a bit of black magic.  We gave it a try and implanted a frozen embryo and now have a beautiful 16 month old daughter.  I have not been on any contraception since she was born and would love for her to have a brother so we will probably look at implanting our last embryo later this year, if that doesn't work we will then have to decide whether to try another round of IVF.  It took 5 years for us to get our rainbow baby but it was worth the wait, would have been nice not too have the heartbreak along the way though. 

I am a Police Officer and it is really hard seeing kids that are treated badly and woman having kids as a meal ticket when I have to fight so hard to get one, it really is a test on your relationship, every month when I got my period I would get really down and depressed, I even went on antidepressants for a short time after the second miscarriage.  You can get through infertility and IVF you can get through anything.

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