1-7 November 2017

Join us for fertility discussions, advice & support

Fertility Week: How Kiwis Make Babies is for Kiwis who are planning for a family in the future, currently trying to conceive, or looking at alternative ways to build your family. It's about raising awareness and helping Kiwis make babies.  Join us from 1-7 November!

Sophie's Story

Sophie shares her story of childhood cancer and fertility preservation

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*Libby's story

Same-sex couple Libby and Jolene share their harrowing story to become parents through donation.

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Richard's story

Infertility is equally attributable to male and female issues. Richard shares his story of male factor infertility, the feeling of helplessness towards his partner and wanting so desperately to fix everything. Dealing with his fertility challenges, Richard had to find the right people to confide in.

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*Libby's story

Single people and those from the Rainbow community rely on the generosity of donors and surrogates to become parents. Same-sex couple Libby and Jolene share their harrowing story to become parents through donation.

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Our story and a broken heart

When Jess and Michael began their journey, they didn’t know anyone else who had experienced difficulty with conceiving. They had a sense of loneliness and isolation around them as everyone else seem to conceive easily. Jess and Michael share their story of unexplained infertility.

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Hannah's story

Hannah shares her heartbreaking story of recurrent miscarriage and her determination not give up.

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Planning for a family, either now or in the future?  When it comes to making babies, a little information goes a long way.  People who are armed with the knowledge contained in this section will have a better chance of falling pregnant, and having a healthy pregnancy and baby.  Couples and singles who are experiencing delays in conceiving a pregnancy, undergoing fertility treatment or considering donation or surrogacy will also benefit greatly from this information.  

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No luck so far? If you’ve been trying to conceive for a while with no luck, or have a medical condition which impacts fertility, you might want to look at the next options for making a baby.  This can be incredibly daunting and stressful.  Often, coming to terms with the reality that making a baby isn’t as easy as you imagined has its own grief attached.

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Many New Zealanders have realised their dream of a family through donation and surrogacy.  Men and women may have been through significant journeys before considering donation and surrogacy, or they have known from the outset that the only way they will ever achieve parenthood is with the help of others.  In either case, generosity on the part of donors and surrogates helps to create these much-wanted children.

In New Zealand, whanau are created in many different ways.  There will already be many families created in the way that you envisage yours to be built!  

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Jess's story

Jess shares the story of her same-sex journey to a baby

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Regional events

Information sessions with a range of guest speakers will be held in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch and Dunedin during Fertility Week.  We look forward to seeing you there - register today at Eventbrite!  Click here to find an event near you!  

Chelsea's story

Chelsea's story of PCOS, Endometriosis, and her determination to lower her BMI and get on the waitlist for publicly funded fertility treatment

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Charlotte's story

My fertility journey has been one I never expected to experience.

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Kathryn's story

Kathryn shares her journey on how she let go of her baby dream and now lives child-free

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