6-12 September 2021

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Hannah's story

My Story starts 3 years ago when we decided I would stop depo Provera, in order to become pregnant, I thought I would become pregnant quickly as know one else in my family had any troubles with pregnancy, two years passed nothing.

Then lockdown 2020, I fell pregnant I was happy did a gift for James my husband, with chocolate and a positive pregnancy test in it we were so happy until, a week later I started miscarrying, at 6 weeks gestation I was sad, only I was allowed in the emergency department as we were in level 4 lockdown, lucky that resolved without the need for intervention.

We got on with our life then got pregnant with our second I was happy but very anxious that it would end, my HCG wasn't rising as it should have. We had a scan there was a heartbeat we had slight hope again, unfortunately when I was 11 weeks I started miscarrying, the pain was so bad I ended up in hospital and having an emergency D&C. Then followed my third and fourth miscarriages having needed two more D&Cs to remove these anembryonic pregnancies, all within the space of 1 year.

We decided after having recurrent miscarriage bloods done we would see a fertility specialist.  We were after answers to why this keeps happening, and good support.  We are still under investigation at this stage, pregnancy, has been the most hardest stressful times of our life.  It was hard to find motivation to continue in all life activities, anniversaries of due dates would pop up, people you know would announce they were expecting at the same time your baby would be due. We are still on our path to our first child, but I will not give up.

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