6-12 September 2021

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Webinar event series 

The Webinar series provides a unique opportunity to gain practical, reliable, New Zealand-centric knowledge and advice.  Each webinar (completely free of charge) has a presentation of 20-30 minutes followed by a live Q&A session via chat box.  Ask questions from the comfort of your own home or out and about on your device!  Join via our Webinar programme to allow anonymity, or watch on Live on Fertility New Zealand’s Facebook page.  Recordings will be available after on the Fertility NZ website or via Facebook. 

Monday 6 September - 8:00pm

Christian Newman (parent via surrogacy, and Love from your Dads) and Stewart Dalley (Barrister & Solicitor) presents Whānau building in the Rainbow community

Whānau building for people in the Rainbow community can be very complex.  Christian Newman (parent via surrogacy, and Love from your Dads) and Stewart Dalley (Barrister & Solicitor) navigate the main challenges - including finding a surrogate and/or donor, the legal framework, time involved, ethics applications, and the adoption process.  What to be prepared for and anticipate on the journey to parenthood.  

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Christian Newman  Stewart Dalley

Tuesday 7 September - 8:00pm

Jo Barnett is a registered medical herbalist and Fertility NZ board member, presents Optimising mens’ fertility through lifestyle

Sperm health can impact both chance of conception and retaining a pregnancy.  Learn about the factors within your control which can make a difference.  Jo Barnett (registered Medical Herbalist specialising in fertility, and Fertility NZ Board member) gives an overview of the impact of smoking, alcohol, drugs, and obesity on fertility and gives real-world advice.  

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Wednesday 8 September - 8:00pm

Professor Cindy FarquharMedical Director, Fertility Plus presents Add-ons and research update

Professor Cindy Farquhar from the University of Auckland and Fertility Plus will outline fertility treatment add-ons available in New Zealand clinics and factors to consider when planning your treatment.  She will also give an overview of current research she is involved in which is currently in trial at clinics.

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Thursday 9 September - 8:00pm

Dr Greg Phillipson, Fertility Specialist and Board Advisor, Fertility NZ presents The cost of infertility.

Dr Greg Phillipson will give an overview of the ins and outs of public funding, costs you can expect, and how private funding works alongside public funding.

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