6-12 September 2021

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John's story

Time has a habit of diluting all bad memories. When I look at my two beautiful kids today it's easy to forget the 2 years of pain, confusion, stress and emasculation of trying to conceive them. I agree the female journey through fertility treatment is worse than the males, but we should not forget that men suffer too.

For me, learning that the few sperm I had were 'deformed' and 'swimming the wrong way' affected my view of myself, let alone the rigors of 'providing a sample'.

We did all this from 2003-2006 based in Dubai in the Middle East - not the easiest place to create new humans! I have too many anecdotes to write here but trying to 'provide a sperm sample' in a local hospital whilst a old Arab kicked the toilet door trying to get in to provide a 'stool sample' was one harrowing memory!  Also, the countless 'corridor conversations' with the doctors was another source of later laughs.

Time heals and I'd always advise couples to give it a go - your family is for life.

Webinar - Wednesday 8 September, 8:00pm

Optimising mens’ fertility through lifestyle with Jo Barnett registered Medical Herbalist specialising in fertility and Fertility NZ Board member.

Jo's presentation will cover smoking, alcohol, drugs, obesity (just touching on nutrition) and the link between sperm and miscarriage. To join the webinar, click here.